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There are various ways to contact me:

  • If you want to comment on one of my blog articles, then please leave a comment against that particular article. I get notified of all comments, and will get back to you if you need me to. I do NOT “moderate” comments, so your comment will appear for all to see, however I do run an anti-spam filter, so please don’t comment promoting your “gentleman’s surgery” site 🙂
  • You can leave a comment here if you want to contact me in a “public” way.
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  • You can email me as Mark -AT- YourPropertyExpert -DOT- Com.

Please be warned that I’m not one of these people who is glued to their email 24/7. I try to check email at most once a day.


12 Responses to “Contact Mark…”

  1. Justin Griffith said

    Hi Mark,

    Like the site and the tips I’ve read on it.

    Also I’m almost sure it was you I saw on tv late one night when I got back from the pub – I found it far easier to identify with you as opposed your american counterparts who promote property investment strategies if indeed it was you on the tv that night!

    Anyway have you any plans to come over here to Ireland anytime?



  2. foley said

    When is the next one day seminar on property negotiator?

  3. foley said

    Is there any other date?

    Can you give an indication of the content?

    I await your comment.


  4. Foley,

    Next dates:

    – 5th July 2008 – Gatwick
    – 6th September 2008 – Venue TBA

    More info at

  5. Marilyn said

    Hey Mark…you know any UK investors that want to invest in Florida. I have several properties for sale 60% LTV and a commercial building right across the street from a super Walmart in the 32327 Zip code. I found you on Tweeter.

    Marilyn Mathers

  6. Aloha Mark,

    I am a fellow author on Ezine Articles. I have a house for sale on the Big Island of Hawaii/Hilo side. My husband is very ill due to Agent Orange/Vietnam. We cannot get help through all of the VA in Hawaii for his specific condition, as admitted by the VA after 18 years of non help. There is help in California VA, so we need to move there asap. My house is only $230K and is a beautiful zen type house. If you know of anyone who is interested in investing in Hawaii I would most appreciate the contact. I have a blog with an incentive gift to Realtors as well as a virtual tour link at: Thank you for your consideration. Aloha, Kathy

  7. john said

    Hi Mark

    This is a great resource, would you be interested in exchanging blogroll links with ?


  8. Michelle said

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    Do you work with any strategic partnerships? If you have a chance
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    I know you are busy but if you have a chance take a look at our site and let me know what you think.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Michelle Boswell

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    1800-538-7424 ext-128

  9. Betty Parker said

    Dear Mark

    I greatly enjoyed looking through your blog and found some informative posts on finance. I have also some finance related web sites having more information regarding various financial problems and its solutions.

    So,I think it would be beneficial for both of us if we will join in a community and become link partners to each other which will help your blog/site in getting more Google values. If you are interested then please contact me at my email-id.

    We can also exchange articles with each others on any financial topic with a link in it.

    Waiting for your earliest response.

    Thanks and regards

    Betty Parker



  10. Lakhi said

    hi mark, It would be good to catch up. my mobile is 07979 758740 Lakhi

  11. Andy said

    Hi Mark, are you able to tell me if you are planning on doing any UK investment courses?
    Andy (London)

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